Monday, August 26, 2013

Sims Camp Day 3

After breakfast (no catastrophes this time), we boarded the bus to Sims Camp at Gamescom

A warm welcom to Sims Camp by Debbie Coster from public relations for Electronic Arts

And another warm welcome by Rachel Franklin who introduced us to some of the creative team for the Sims 4, Jill Johnson (Producer for CAS) and Marion Gothier (Animation Director)

More introductions to the EA staff including community managers from around the globe

More pictures from the morning

Jill Johnson gave us a stunning demonstration of the incredible new Create A Sim tool

We got to play around with Create A Sim, and here are some of my screenshots

Notice the grid that you can push and pull to shape individual parts of the face.

Create A Sim body manipulation, now with grid over the chest which can be sculpted however you want. Notice the body definition and fitness sliders on the left and clothing options on the right. The little boxes in the lower left of each of the clothing options are swatches to change the look of that particular item.

Even the backside can be molded to the exact shape you want.

You can even choose a walking style for your sim. This is the snooty walk.

The swagger!

Emotions are the centerpiece of the Sims 4. Here is my Sim happy.


Still angry

And even more angry

Angry that I stole his clothes

And depressed

Some photobooth shots with Asia ShaMecca's Sim

Producer Grant Rodiek then gave a masterclass on emotions in the Sims 4

Followed by a walk-through of the upcoming Sims 3 expansion pack, Into the Future, by King Choi

King Choi discussing the Almanac of Time where you can change the course of history.

Cool new futuristic hairstyles, makeup, and outfits remind me of Capitol couture from the Hunger Games.

Dream pod demonstration

Into the Future shower

Into the Future homebase

Updating your plumbot with trait chips

Into the Future projection systems showing beautiful scenery on the walls.

Some of my in-game screenshots for Into the Future.

This is the hairstyle I used.

My new futuristic outfit and tattoos.

Found a time portal on my lot!

Exiting the time portal in Oasis Landing in the future

Oasis Landing from above

Practicing using the jetpack in Oasis Landing. Advanced technology and objects can be used in any world, but the skills increase more efficiently in the future.

Love the holographic billboards in the background. And notice grass on the roof!

Driving to my new bachelor pad

A lovely home built by the designers of the game

More grass on the roof. It appears to be like rugs, so I'm not sure if you can terraform on roofs.

Watching TV in my new home

Laying on the dream sleeper and making a selection from the different dream options. Didn't plan my sleepwear outfit so well, so my hair disappeared!

Just a small accident in the kitchen making a late night snack

Heading outside again to practice using the jetpack

The city looks stunning at night!

After returning to the present day Sunset Valley, I completed some missions that changed the future to a utopian civilization. This is me back in the future now prancing around as happy as I can be. Notice how the flora has changed. You can also take on missions to create a dystopian future.

Flying around with my jetpack in utopian Oasis Landing. Much more skilled now and can do a variety of tricks and acrobatics in the air.

And a quick screenshot of the upcoming Movie Stuff pack

Hanging out with Sim Guru Graham in the afternoon

That night, we were treated to a dinner cruise with beautiful views of the city as the sun set, great food (and drinks), and fun times hanging out with the EA staff.

Photo by Ruthless_KK

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