Monday, August 26, 2013

Sims Camp Day 4

The next day, there were two masterclasses. One was led by Aaron Houts, designer for the build tool, and the other was led by Marion Gothier, animation director. Information from both of those classes is embargoed until mid September, but I will keep you updated. Here are some photos from that day.

We had time to explore the Gamescom booths including the huge booth for the Sims 4

Curtis Paradis and fans

Watching the live broadcast featuring Michelle from The Real Sims Parody on YouTube and Rosana from The Sims Network

We enjoyed another traditional German dinner on our last night. Tears flowed as we said our farewells and sampled truly horrendous Swedish candies.

Such a fantastic week meeting longtime friends, making new ones, and seeing such an incredible game that fosters the creativity in millions of players worldwide while shaping that cultural landscape such that all might one day be treated equally and with dignity and respect. I will never forget this. Thank you so much, EA, for this experience of a lifetime.

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