Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo: My Experiences

The Create A Sim Demo, soon to be available for everyone to try, gives players a look at one of the great new features of The Sims 4--a tactile new Create A Sim with virtually no sliders. If you haven't tried it yet, I would highly recommend getting your hands on the demo. Photos don't do it justice. It's amazing to be able to sculpt and shape your Sims just the way you want.

The only real sliders are for body fat and fitness. The rest is just point, click, and shape until you get the look you want.

I'm terrible at making likenesses to celebrities, but I figured I'd use one anyway as a starting point, even if it looks nothing like him.

Facial accessories for men include earrings, glasses, and a dog tag necklace. No more coral necklace!

Note the color presets for the glasses in the pop-up box. Many have unique textures.

These are some of the color presets for the earrings. All of the earrings are paired. There aren't single earrings yet. I couldn't find a way to edit/add eyelashes as we could in The Sims 3. Also, for males, there appear to be only limited make-up options. You can add eyeshadow and eyeliner, but you can't ramp down the opacity to make it look natural on a male's face. There are no options for blush or lipstick on a male--I used that a lot in The Sims 3 with very low opacities to achieve facial contouring and shinier, more lifelike lips. But the overall appearance of the face is definitely improved from The Sims 3 face.

Just adding some facial hair here. You can see the different options there are to choose from as well as the different hair colors.

Many facial details are best manipulated in Detail Edit Mode where you can even change the size of the irises of the eyes. It takes a bit of getting used to which alterations you can make to the face with Detail Edit Mode and outside of that mode. For instance, the length and height of the nose is better tailored outside of Detail Edit Mode. The attention to detail by the game designers is amazing. Even the music score changes from a large orchestra when you're looking at the full Sim and hones gradually into a single piano score as you approach Detail Edit Mode in the face.

One of the presets for a shirt demonstrates often distinct patterns which distinguishes itself from other presets.

Note the difference in one of the alternative presets, not just in the colors, but also in the patterns and other small details.

Note the subtle green lighting illuminating one of the sleeves and blue lighting illuminating the other sleeve.

Pretty in pink?

Better in brown.

Some of the accessories for the hands and wrists.

Here, I'm showing how slim-fitting pants will tuck into boots while more relaxed pants will fall over the top of the boots. And there is no awkward clipping of the pants.

I settled on this for my party outfit. You can choose numerous outfits for each outfit category. Outfit categories include everyday, formal, athletic, sleep, and party. No swimming for you!

An example of the clothing style presets if you just want to choose an entire outfit style quickly and start playing. You can also try outfit randomization. Outfits are tagged for style and color palette so you end up with better coordinated outfits. Even make-up is color-tagged for appropriate coordination in females.

Outfit accessories depend on the type of outfit category (socks for sleep). You can turn off the category filter, however, so you have more things to choose from.

This athletic outfit is an example where Create a Style would have been very helpful to better coordinate the shirt and pants.

I love the new knee high socks!

A formalwear option. Not the subtle bluish lighting effect on the fabric and the reflective quality of the shinier fabric along the collar. Love details like these!

Tattoo options are lumped together for arms and back. The sleeve tattoos are awesome. No chest or leg tattoos yet.

You can play with the genetics tool to create a sibling or twin. Features like facial structure play a role in how your relative will look, female or male.

Now I'm ready to make a new avatar! Here are two photos of my Sims 3 avatar, the first without custom content and the second with quite a bit of custom content to make him look more realistic.

Very quickly, I can achieve a look for my new avatar that I think looks even better than my Sims 3 avatar loaded up with custom content.

The eyes definitely have more depth in The Sims 4--even if they are a dark color like brown.

I think I like this avatar picture the best.


Athletic wear. Hats are now separate from hair, and hair tucks neatly under the different hats, no matter what the style--even mohawks!

Sleep wear. Again, Create A Style would have been very helpful to better coordinate the shirt and different pants and shorts.

This is my party outfit.

Here, you can edit the relationships of members of the household (e.g. sibling, roommate, or spouse).

You can try out many different poses for the family portrait, then enter a description, save it to your library, post to the Gallery for other players to drop into their games, and even share on Facebook. There currently isn't a way to share the household file outside of the game other than Facebook--like on your blogs or webpages, for instance.

Now it's time to try out making a female Sim. I'm modeling this one after my good friend Helen (spartan1). There are three traits to choose from, and I chose good, art lover, and genius. All of the traits have unique animations associated with them.

Helen is super funny, so naturally, her ambition is to be a Joke Star. She gains the Gregarious boost for this aspiration.

This is somewhat like the outfit she used for her Sims 3 profile.

Here is an example of a full body outfit. There are definitely more clothing options for women here.

Beautiful details adorn the front, back and sides of the clothing.

You can create virtually any Sim imaginable. The presets for different ethnicities are numerous, more so than I have ever seen in any Sims game. You can even make the Real Housewife of your dreams. So she's had a little botox. What's the big deal?

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